Interested in purchasing a piece? Fantastic!

We have several different ways for our customers to purchase our products.

Let’s start with a few important details ….
Due to the nature of reclaimed and raw wood; color, texture, and wood density may vary. There may be slight imperfections, nail holes, dents, or dings in the wood from previous use. These imperfections are what give the pieces character and the rustic look most buyers want. While we appreciate these unique features we also understand that, as a buyer, you want to know what you're getting.
For buyers who decide to order a custom piece, we cannot guarantee the way imperfections present in the item. There will be variation. We make each piece with attention to detail and try to bring out the natural uniqueness of all our materials.

1) Etsy. Because we like people to know what they’re getting, we offer specific listings in our online shop. What you see is what you get. We think that’s the best way to do it for buyers who know exactly what they want! If you see something you like in our Etsy shop, go ahead and place an order! (Please note, our Etsy prices are higher due to added shipping costs and to offset the percentage we pay to use the Etsy platform) Click here to be redirected to our TobyCoShopLLC on Etsy.

2) Custom Orders. Custom orders can be a few different things:
—”You Choose” Combo. Choose a product (frame, table, bench, etc) and choose artwork (Rosemary Millette, Russ Duerkson, etc) and we’ll put them together to make your perfect piece. You decide the combination that you want. We’ll talk you through the details!
—Your own image in the tile. You can see other examples of these custom pieces here. Literally any photo can be used as an image in a frame or a table. We’ve used vintage family photos, maps of favorite places, a proud hunting memory, or photos of original artwork. The opportunities are endless.
—Custom table sizing. If you are looking for something that fits a specific space in your house and you need a size of table or art that we don’t currently carry, we can make something that suites your needs. These made-to-order pieces take longer and are at an additional cost.

3) Art Shows. We still travel throughout the Midwest, selling our furniture and frames at art shows. You can check out our schedule here. If you’re nearby, find us at an art show. If there is a specific piece you are interested in (a certain size of table with a certain artwork image), contact us ahead of time and we’ll make sure to have one available.