Coffee Tables / Benches

These tables provide function, storage, and beauty!
Our coffee tables are chair height, which also makes them the perfect entry way bench.

-->Reclaimed barn wood. The top edging and lower shelf are made of reclaimed barn wood that has been sanded to remove roughness and splinters.
-->Ceramic or stone tiles. The image on the ceramic or stone tiles has been penetrated into the tile to create a permanent, durable image that will not wear off even with use. The tiles and the image can endure heat and cold and regular daily use.
-->Red cedar logs with live edge. The legs and braces on the table are made with red cedar logs that were harvested from the banks of the Missouri river. We keep the bark (live edge) on the tables to provide the "great outdoors" look that brings organic natural beauty into your home. 
-->Poly. The table has been treated with spar poly to protect it from sunlight and moisture. This allows you to use the table without worry (and coaster-free!). Spar poly is also used to treat wooden boats, so this stuff works!

Tables are approximately 18" x 40" x 16" (H x W x D)   

Coffee tables are $199.