Welcome to Toby Co., LLC! 

We are a husband and wife team who started making tables in our garage. Toby is a carpenter who has built and remodeled homes from the ground up. Julie used to practice cosmetology and has always had a creative eye. Our fun "side project" eventually grew into what you see today.  At times we’ve enlisted our three daughters and our sons-in-law to help us too. It’s truly a family affair!

We love the outdoors and spend most of our free time admiring God's art work. By harvesting cedar logs and re-purposing old barns across the Midwest, we create pieces that bring the outdoors in. 

Our rustic, lodge-style products incorporate wood, metal, and tiles with beautiful artwork. These mediums combined create a unique look and feel to our furniture and art pieces.  Each piece is individually crafted to incorporate the character of the wood- so even though the style and size may be the same, no two pieces are exactly alike. 

Since 2003, we've traveled across the Midwest, selling our unique furniture and rustic decor at art shows. It's been a joy to see the way others have delighted in our projects. Have a look around. We hope you like what you see!